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2010-01-24 16:59:18 by SgtCrimson

Crimson is not taking off like i thought it would, so i have decided to make a mass-tribute to the newgrounds universe i will include popular flashes like Brackenwood and Saladfingers as well as some tht may have been over looked. this is in honor of the flashes that have captivated me and convinced me to pay homage.
to all whom care,


2009-12-24 14:29:55 by SgtCrimson

Could someone please, vote on my art. Leave a comment if you do vote and i will return the favor.
Thank you and Merry Christmas

To all flash creators...

2009-12-23 16:32:56 by SgtCrimson

I have submited an art work that I have been trying to bring to life for three years. All attempts have failed. I ask that anyone who would like to aid in introducing 'Crimson the Last of The Sagen' to Newgrounds, to message me. I have many ideas and i will reply with a discription of each character and the plot, setting, and other information of the story line. I appoligize if you were offended by me choosing one artist over the other, you are all very tallented I am sure but I have a general idea of what the finished flash would look like. For a general outlook on the main character, I submitted an image of 'him'. I am not promoting this image I only submitted it to aid anyone willing to help me. The only credit I ask for is for writing and character creator, all other credit you can addminister to whomever you see fit.
Thank you and Happy Hollidays,

P.S. I have included the picture of Crimson that I submitted, so you had a general idea of the main chatacter. His skin is a blood red, and the spikes are a golden yellow.

To all flash creators...